• Praxis Dr. Dilley

    Praxis für Psychotherapie und Integrative Medizin


As medical doctor and licensed clinical psychologist I treat patients with acute or chronic clinical problems with methods of psychotherapy and, if need be, medically.

Areas of Expertise

  • Overcoming Depression
  • Handle Mood Changes
  • Master Anxiety / Panic Attacks or Social Anxiety and Phobias
  • Transform Relationship Conflicts and Distress
  • Change Management in Life Challenges and Transitions
  • Coping with Grief and Loss
  • Defeat Sleeping Problems
  • Target Work Related Issues and Mobbing
  • Relieve Burn-out
  • Tackle Chronic Pain
  • Treatment of Tinnitus
  • Process Current and Past Abuse

As coach

I assist clients in all walks of life in the area of preventive medicine and life style changes.
Over 25 years of international experience in body-mind medicine in universities, hospitals and private practice as a physician and clinical psychologist have helped me to acquire expertise. For many years I was involved in research and international teaching in cardiology, oncology and behavioral medicine. I am an international health care consultant and presenter at conferences and workshops with engagements in USA, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Russia.
Alles was ich mit meinen Patienten bespreche wird natürlich strengstens vertraulich behandelt. Ich unterliege selbstverständlich der Schweigepflicht.
For many years I was Medical Director of a national life- and disability insurance company and have served as expert witness in international personal injury cases.