• Praxis Dr. Dilley

    Praxis für Psychotherapie und Integrative Medizin

Jose Raffo, Ph.D.

Prof. Of Psychology
"She exhibited a profound interest in f amily dynamics and has an unusual sensitivity for underlying processes. Her curiosity and understanding for each individual case endow her with special talents for an empathic therapist-client relationship."

Alicia Ceballos, Ph.D.

Director, Psyco-Oncology Services, University of Miami!JMH
''The patient population she saw ranged in age from late adolescents to the elderly. They presented with a wide range of psychopathologies, including adjustment disorders, mood disorders, and generalized anxiety disorders. She also provided intensive support for terminally ill patients and their families. She displayed superior skills in diagnostic determinations and core issues if the individual cases. Cornelia was a highly motivated, responsible and self-directed individual. Her background in medicine gives her a keen ability for observation, diagnosis, and treatment planning. Her teremendous cross-cultural experiences ... give her a solid familiarity with the impact of race, etlmic, cultural, and socio¬econ0mic diversity 0n treatment."

Uwe W. Geertz, Ph.D.

Professor of Psychology Assistant Clinical Prof. Of Psychiatry F.A.S.C.H., Dist F.A.S.P.E.
"Ms. Dilley is 1musually gifted, creative and versatile in her approach to the tasks entrusted to her. She completes her assignments with reliably with competence, high motivation, and thoroughness. Having worked as a physician, she draws from a broad range and many years of experience concerning settings and populations,for example neurotics, psychotics, personality disorders, affective disorders, and severe depression. One of her strengths is to come up with a comprehensive solution based 0n a clear visionfor significant details. Her special interests in psychology encompass such diverse fields as family systems theory, mind/body interactions, and hypnosis. Ms. Dilley has taken every opportunity to educate herself 0n issues of different cultures by extensive traveling to Europe, Asia,Africa, North and South America."